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"Felis" is an independent international literary almanac, co-published by "E.RA" publishing house and the creative association "Keeper of Ideas". The second issue of the almanac "Felis" presents works by Nikolay Orlov (Russia); Alexander Shapiro (USA); O.T. Sebyatina (Russia); Lyubov Znakovskaya (Israel); Alexey Zhemchuzhnikov, Tatiana Strekalova, Rebecca Lilleberg, Tatiana Bertseva, and Gennady Lagutin (Russia); Abram Klugerman and Rene Maori (Israel); Alena Grach (Russia). WARNING! This issue is not intended for veterans - they have already experienced all of this. This issue is addressed to their children and grandchildren. Let them know and always remember the faces of War! In this edition, we invite you to delve into the depths of human experience, to comprehend the significance of historical events, and to cherish the lessons that must never be forgotten.